as black as a skillet

- very black

My hands were as black as a skillet when I finished working on the car engine.

as black as a stack of black cats

- very black

The little boy was as black as a stack of black cats after playing outside all day.

as black as a sweep

- very dirty or black (a chimney sweep cleans chimneys and becomes very black)

My friend was as black as a sweep after he finished cleaning the basement.

as black as coal

- very black

My friend's cat is as black as coal.

as black as night

- very dark and black

The old house was as black as night when we entered it.

as black as pitch

- very black

My face was as black as pitch after cleaning the stove all morning.

as black as the ace of spades

- very black

The horse in the parade was as black as the ace of spades.

as red as a cherry

- bright red

The car was as red as a cherry after its new paint job.

as red as a poppy

- bright red

The mark on my arm was as red as a poppy.

as red as a rose

- intensely red

The morning sunrise was as red as a rose.

as red as a ruby

- deep red

The office assistant was wearing lipstick that was as red as a ruby.

as red as blood

- deep red

The stain on the carpet was as red as blood.

as white as a ghost

- very pale because of fear or shock or illness

My sister became as white as a ghost when she saw the man at the window.

as white as a sheet

 - very pale

I felt terrible this morning and in the mirror I looked as white as a sheet.

as white as the driven snow

- very white

The fur on the dog was as white as the driven snow.

black and blue

- bruised

My shoulder was black and blue after I fell down the stairs.

black and white

- either good or bad, either one way or the other way, oversimplified

Our boss sees everything in black and white.

black box

- an electronic device such as a flight recorder that can be removed from an aircraft as a single package

The investigators searched for a long time in order to find the black box of the airplane.

black eye

- a bruise near one's eye which makes it appear black

The man received a black eye when he bumped into the closed door.

black market

- the place where goods or money are illegally bought and sold

We sold some cigarettes on the black market during our travels.

black out

- to darken a room or building by turning off the lights

During the war, people in the cities were forced to black out their windows so nobody could see them.

black out

- to lose consciousness

The man blacked out during the parade and he had to sit down and rest.