at death's door

- very near death

The sales manager was at death's door after having a heart attack.

back on one's feet

- to be physically healthy again

My mother is back on her feet after being sick for two weeks.

black out

- to lose consciousness, to faint, to pass out

The football player blacked out after being hit by the other player.

break out in (something)

- to begin showing a rash or other skin disorder

I broke out in a terrible rash after eating the raw shrimp at the restaurant.

breathe one's last

- to die

The man breathed his last after a long illness.

bring (someone) around

- to restore someone to health or consciousness, to cure someone

The medical workers were able to bring the man around after the accident.

bring (someone) to

- to restore someone to consciousness from sleep/anesthesia/hypnosis/fainting

We tried hard to bring the woman to after the car accident.

catch a cold

- to get a cold

I caught a bad cold last week and had to miss three weeks of work.

catch one's death of cold

- to become very ill (with a cold/flu etc.)

The little boy was told to be careful in the rain or he would catch his death of cold.


- an examination of a patient by a doctor

I went to have my annual check-up last week.

clean bill of health

- a report or certificate that a person or animal is healthy

The doctor gave me a clean bill of health when I visited him last month.

come down with (something)

- to become sick with something, to catch something

My niece came down with a bad cold and was unable to visit me last week.

couch doctor

- a psychoanalyst who puts his patients on a couch

The man was sent to see a couch doctor because of his his problems at work.

a dose/taste of one's own medicine

- the same treatment that one gives to others (usually a negative meaning)

Our boss got a taste of his own medicine when people began to treat him badly like he treats others.

draw blood

- to make someone bleed, to get blood from someone

The doctor decided to draw blood from the patient to check his blood sugar level.

fall ill

- to become sick or ill

The man fell ill last winter and has not recovered yet.

feel on top of the world

- to feel very healthy

I have been feeling on top of the world since I quit my job.

flare up

- to begin again suddenly (an illness or a disease)

My mother's skin problem flared up when she started to use the new laundry soap.

a flare-up

- a sudden worsening of a health condition

My father's arthritus flares up every winter.

go under the knife

- to be operated on in surgery

The woman went under the knife at the hospital last evening.

hang out one's shingle

- to give public notice of the opening of a doctor's office etc.

The doctor decided to hang out his shingle as soon as he finished medical school.

have a physical (examination)

- to get a medical check-up

Our company sent all the employees to have a physical last week.

head shrinker

- a psychiatrist

The man went to see a head shrinker after his recent problems at work.

just what the doctor ordered

- exactly what is needed or wanted

A nice hot bath was just what the doctor ordered after the long day at work.

look the picture of health

- to be in good health

My uncle looked the picture of health when I saw him last week.

on the mend

- healing, becoming better

My grandfather is on the mend after he broke his leg last week.

out cold

- to be unconscious, to be in a faint

When the patient entered the operating room he was out cold because of the anesthesia.

over the worst

- to be recovering from an illness

My brother is over the worst since his skiing accident last month.

pull through

- to recover from a serious illness

The car accident was very bad and I do not think that the driver will pull through.

run a fever/temperature

- to have a higher than normal body temperature

The little boy is running a temperature and should stay in bed all day.

run down

- to be in poor condition

My father worked very hard last month and has become run down.

run some tests

- to do some medical tests on a patient

The doctor decided to run some tests on the patient.

splitting headache

- a severe headache

I have been suffering from a splitting headache all morning.

take a turn for the worse

- to become sicker

My aunt took a turn for the worse last week and she is still in the hospital.

take (someone's) temperature

- to measure someone's body temperature

The nurse took my temperature when I went to the hospital yesterday.

throw up

- to vomit

The woman threw up several times after eating the bad shellfish.

under the weather

- to be not feeling well

My boss has been under the weather all week and has not come to work during that time.