A: Write a word for each definition.The first two letters of the words are given. (3 ps )


+ Able to change without breaking.             ( fl               )                    

+ Ability to laugh or make people laugh.         ( hu              )

+ Change old materials to use them again.       ( re               )

+ A talk that gives information on a special subject. ( pr               )

+ General weather of a place over a period of time. ( cl               )

+ Say what the weather will be like.             ( pr               )


B: Fill in the blanks with one of the words from the list below.There is one extra word. (5 ps )


( occur – cause – common – shake – record – destructive – light – death – planet –     place – experience )

       Earthquakes happen everyday.Though millions of people may never ---------- an earthquake.It is a very --------- happening on this ---------.So today, somewhere, an earthquake will -----.

It may be so --------- that only special instruments can --------- its movement.It may -------

houses, rattle windows and change the --------- of small things.It may be strong enough to -----

damage, injury and ----------.


C: Choose a pair of words having a similar relationship as the pairs in each item. ( 2 ps )


* rely : depend

a. fear: death         b. reduce: decrease        c. save: lose           d. pattern: region


* lazy : hard-working

a. nervous: calm       b. concerned: worried       c. soft: mild            d. perfect: excellent


* particularly: especially

a. exactly: probably      b. entirely: completely      c. mainly: firmly         d. smoothly: suddenly


* raise: lower

a. right: suitable         b. sure: certain          c. common: usual        d. safe: dangerous


D: Use so, such(a / an ), too, enough in the following sentences. ( 2 ps )


@. There were ---------- interesting books that I read them twice.

@. The house was ---------- small for us to live in, so we moved to a bigger one.

@. The teacher spoke ---------- quickly that the students couldn't understand him.

@. Today I don't have ---------- time to help you with your chemistry.Leave it for tomorrow.


                                                 E: Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the verbs given in the parentheses. ( 3 ps )         


#. Asking questions can make the audience ---------- on your speech.      ( concentrate )

#. Why didn't your parents allow you ---------- their car?                ( allow )

#. The teacher helped his students ---------- their lectures as soon as possible. ( prepare )

#. You can control your nervousness by ---------- deeply.                  ( breathe )

#. In some countries people ---------- trash are punished.                  ( produce )

#. The answers ---------- to my questions are wrong.                     ( give )


F: Choose  the best answer. ( 9 ps )


&. There will be a meeting on the ----- of a new kind of airplane very soon.

   a. invention              b. permission           c. projection           d. extinction

&. Fishes and plants that live in water may die if the water is very dirty or -----.

   a. frightened              b. distracted            c. concerned          d. polluted

&. I'd just like to ----- how important it is for people to learn foreign languages.

   a. emphasize             b. organize             c. summarize          d. industrialize

&. What are the ----- of hot weather on our environment?

   a. efforts                b. effects               c. details             d. goals

&. The office is going to ----- working hours from 25 to 30 per week.

   a. estimate               b. increase             c. evaluate            d. research

&. Unfortunately there is little real ----- between Ted and his daughter.

   a. comparison             b. culture              c. transfer            d. communication

&. When we exercise our body can release endorphins."Release" means ----- free.

   a. raise                  b. keep               c. set                 d. lie

&. If Iranians ate less food with sugar and fat, their ----- health would be better.

   a. general                 b. material            c. emotional             d. official

&. Some of the climate scientists think that there is another ----- for the change in temperature.

   a. region                  b. reason             c. joint                 d. pause

&. Heat trapped in the atmosphere causes the earth to get warmer."Trap" means -----.

   a. keep                   b. stick               c. control               d. create

&. I could hear him ----- his fingers on the desk.

   a. leaning                  b. crossing            c. lowering              d. tapping

&. Vitamins help our body work more ----- to keep us healthy.

   a. commonly                b. normally            c. carefully              d. efficiently

&. Many kinds of plants and animals are in danger of ----- nowadays.

   a. projection                 b. situation           c. definition              d. extinction

&. Could you stop talking about it please?You are ----- me from my work.

   a. bothering                 b. instructing          c. supporting           d. distracting

&. Test the ----- of the water to make sure it's not too hot.

   a. posture                  b. gesture            c. temperature         d. atmosphere

&. Many students do not like having to ----- their parents for money.

   a. burn up                  b. rely on           c. pick up             d. agree with

&. The building was badly ----- in the fire and had to be built again.

   a. injured                   b. included          c. balanced               d. damaged

&. If you ----- him with other children of his age, he's not very tall.

   a. contact                   b. compare          c. involve                d. prepare




G: Read the text carefully and choose the best answer. ( 2 ps )


     Mr. and Mrs. Mills had two small children.One of them was six, and the other was four.They disliked going to bed early in the evenings and insisted on staying up late.Mrs. Mills was unhappy about this. Mr. Mills came home from work when Mrs. Mills had forced the children to sleep and she was actually tired of this.Mr. Mills was not at home to help her wife except at weekends.

     Mr. Mills thought he was a good storyteller but the way he told stories was really uncomfortable.

However, he decided that if he told children stories when they went to bed, it would help them relax and little by little they would go to sleep.

     He did this every Saturday and Sunday night until he heard his small son saying to his small sister,"Do you think he will stop telling the story if we close our eyes?"


$. Mrs. Mills was not happy because her children didn't like ----------.

  a. listening to her stories  b. going to bed early    c. sleeping late at night    d. sleeping up late


$. Mr. Mills could not help his wife with the children because he ----------.

  a. went to bed earlier than the children            b. came home late from work

  c. was tired of his children                     d. didn't know what to do


$. The word "this" in line 8 refers to ----------.

   a. coming home early        b. going to bed       c. helping them relax    d. telling stories


$. The children thought of closing their eyes ----------.

   a. to be able to go to sleep faster             b. to help themselves relax and sleep earlier

   c. not to have to listen to the rest of his story    d. not to have him stop telling stories.


H: Fill in the blanks with the best choice. ( 4 ps )


     Global warming is the average increase in the Earth's temperature.It ----------- changes in climate.A ----- Earth may have ----- such as changes in rainfall patterns, a ----- in sea levels, and different ----- on plants, wildlife, and humans.When ------ talk about climate change, they are

----- about global warming caused by human -------.They believe that we know enough about the problem to take some actions.


%. A. damages           b. assumes           c. destroys            d. causes

%. A. milder             b. softer              c. warmer            d. thicker

%. A. results             b. layers             c. faults              d. crusts

%. A. rattle              b. rise               c. rank              d. raise

%. A. effects             b. gestures            c. humors            d. contents

%. A. psychologists        b. physicians           c. scientists           d. electricians

%. A. Fashionable         b. scientific            c. excellent           d. concerned

%. A. statements          b. activities            c. qualities           d. supports