Part I – Background & Previous Knowledge

1)          Name:                         

2)                   Age:

3)                   Birthplace:

4)                   Residence in childhood:

5)                   Residence now:

5)         Sex:

6)          Nationality:

7)         Ethnicity:                      

8)         Social Class:

9)          Education:                                 

10)        Have you ever taken an IQ test?  And if so, what result did you get? 

11)        Present and previous occupations:  

12)       What is your native language?  

13)       Which languages were spoken in your home as a child?

14)       Which languages were spoken in your neighborhood when you were a child?

15)        Which was the first foreign language you learned?   

a.      When did you start and how long did you learn ……?   

b.   Where and under what circumstances did you learn …….?    

c.   When you learned ……, what did you study?  Grammar? Speaking?

d.   Do you remember what kind of text-books you used, if any?    

e.   Did the teacher speak in the foreign language most of the time? 

f.        Did you have to speak a lot yourself or did you mainly read and/or translate?   

g.      Do you remember what kind of homework you had to do?  

h.      Did you have any contact outside the classroom/your home with speakers of that language?   

i.        Did you listen to the radio or watch films or TV in the foreign language?   

j.        What motivated you to learn ……?   

k.      After how long do you think you were fluent (if you became fluent)? 

l.        Could you tell me how well you know this language now or when you were at your best?   

(Repeat for all other languages learned) 

16)        If you had to describe your knowledge of ….. now, which of these statements would be most appropriate?   



Working Knowledge



















17)        Do you consider yourself to be :   

a.      a gifted language learner

b.      an above average language learner

c.      an average language learner

d.      a poor language learner 

18)       Do you have a good memory? 

  19)        What do you remember? 

a.                                          a.       I remember what I see.  I memorize by picturing.  

                                I have problems remembering verbal instructions.

                        b.      I remember words or what I hear.        

                                I memorize by repeating words in my head.

                        c.           I remember an overall impression of what I experience.  

                                I memorize by doing. 

a.   20)        Do you consider yourself to be: 

                        a.      an assertive person

                        b.     an assertive person most of the time

                        c.     neither assertive nor timid

                        d.     timid most of the time 

  21)        Please think of at least five adjectives to describe your personality. 






22)        Do you like to take the language apart and analyze it?  Do you like to figure out the language on your own or would you rather have the teacher tell you the rules?

23)       Do you think that your success at learning the foreign language so successfully is due to the teacher?  Or did it have something to do with the environment?  Or would you say that you developed some special study habits?  Or do you have some particular personal characteristics that helped you in learning?