Panel Interview Once your resume has gotten an employer's interest, you may be contacted for an interview. If you are feeling overwhelmed, don't worry! Everyone is nervous about job interviews. Understanding what interviews are all about, how the various interview formats differ, and how a typical interview may proceed should put your mind at ease

In today's job market, you will likely need to go through some type of interview in order to secure a job. An interview is a meeting between an employer and a job applicant. That meeting may take place in person, over the telephone or via video conferencing. The atmosphere may be very formal or fairly casual. It may involve just you and the employer or you and a group of people or panel. Regardless, your interview serves a distinct purpose for both you and your potential employer.

The hiring manager uses the interview to assess your qualifications and determine if you are the best candidate for the job.

The employer asks questions to see how well you understand the industry and the position and to determine if you are able to perform the job duties. In addition, they are trying to decide whether you will fit well with the culture of the organization. If you don't meet every job qualification, but you present yourself well in an interview, there is a good possibility that you could be chosen over candidates with similar or better qualifications who don't communicate as well.

The job interview is your chance to find out if the company and the job are a good match for you.

Ask questions of your own to learn more about the company and the position itself. Use this time to decide whether the job, the direction of the company, and the developments within the industry will maintain your interest and utilize your unique skills and abilities. Your questions should help you determine if the work atmosphere is one in which you work well and one which you will enjoy.