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سه شنبه 30 شهریور 1389

Unit 1, IELTS Speaking test model, part 1: Recording script

(CD 1, Track 4)

After you have introduced yourself and the Examiner has checked

your ID, he or she will ask you questions on three topic areas. The

first topic area will be about your studies, your work or where you


Examiner: Let’s talk about your home town. Where were you born?

Candidate: I was born in a place called Rochester in the Medway

towns in Kent.

Examiner: Do you still live in Rochester?

Candidate: No, I haven’t lived in Rochester for a long time now,

since I went to college. I live in London.

Examiner: Do most people like living in Rochester?

Candidate: I guess they do. I always wanted to live in London, so…

my family still live there, but I guess it’s a nice place.

Examiner: Why?

Candidate: Well, it’s got beautiful architecture and it’s the home of

Dickens and so there’s quite a lot of historical interest there and

you’ve got countryside nearby and it’s easily accessible for London.

Examiner: Do you think you’ll stay in London?

Candidate: Oh, I don’t know. I’ve been here for quite a while now

and although I love it, I can’t imagine spending my whole life here.

The next two topics will be more general.

Examiner: I’d like to move on to talk about sport. What’s your

favourite sport?

Candidate: My favourite sport to watch is football, but to

participate in, it’s swimming.

Examiner: When did you first become interested in swimming?

Candidate: Gosh, when I was a child, my dad used to take me

swimming every week and I swam for my school.

Examiner: How often do you participate in swimming now?

Candidate: I try to swim at least two times a week.

Examiner: What equipment do you need for swimming?

Candidate: The great thing is that you don’t really need any

equipment apart from goggles and trunks.

Examiner: Where do you go swimming?

Candidate: Anywhere I am. I love swimming in the sea but mainly I

swim at my local pool.

Examiner: Now, let’s move on to talk about shopping. How do you

feel about going shopping?

Candidate: I don’t mind going shopping. I like to know exactly what

I’m going shopping for, though, I like to get in, buy it and go home


Examiner: Do you like buying clothes or goods on the Internet?

Candidate: I’ve never bought clothes on the Internet because I like

to try them on before buying them but I’ve certainly bought

electrical goods and other things on the Internet.

Examiner: What don’t you like about shopping?

Candidate: I don’t really like big crowds of people and fighting my

way through them to get what I want. I guess I don’t like paying for

it all.

Unit 8, IELTS Speaking test model, part 2: Recording script

(CD 1, Track 22)

The Examiner will introduce part 2 by saying:

Examiner: Now, I’m going to give you a topic and I’d like you to talk

about it for one to two minutes. Before you talk, you’ll have one

minute to think about what you’re going to say. You can make some

notes if you wish. Do you understand?

Candidate: Yes, I do.

Then the Examiner will give you some paper and a pencil for

making notes, and read the topic to you.

Examiner: I’d like you to describe a minor accident that you had in

the past.

After your one minute preparation time, you will give your talk.

Candidate: When I was about seven, I was very ill after school and I

was sent home from school and I was lying on the sofa feeling sorry

for myself, watching TV, and I got bored and decided to go and ask

my mum if she could go and find a game for me or a book or

something else to do, and when I went into the kitchen, my mother

was cooking. And so, as I sort of went behind her, I had no shoes on

and she didn’t hear me coming, and she was making boiled

potatoes, and as I got behind her she turned around with the boiled

potatoes in the saucepan to take them to the sink and I was right

behind her, so she hit me round the head with the saucepan of

boiling water and it all spilled down onto my shoulder and splattered

my face and went all over my shoulder and burnt me. But because

she didn’t let go of the saucepan, she still had it in her hand, she

didn’t realise that I was crying because I was burnt, she thought I

was crying because she’d hit me and bumped my head, so she

didn’t respond quickly enough, which made the whole thing worse.

At the time, my dad was a plumber and of course that was before

mobile phones were invented, so dad was out at work and mum

didn’t drive, so I had to wait about seven hours on the sofa with a

dressing on my shoulder for my dad to come home from work so

that he could take me to hospital. My poor mum, bless her heart,

must have been very worried and not known what to do, with not

being able to drive, but I guess there wasn’t anything else she could

do, she did as much as she could, bathed it in cold water, put a dry

dressing on…

Examiner: Thank you. Now, we’ve been talking about…

Unit 11, IELTS Speaking test model, part 3: Recording script

(CD 2, Track 3)

In part 3, the Examiner will ask you some questions related to the

part 2 topic. This candidate has just given a talk about a book that

he enjoyed reading.

Examiner: We’ve been talking about a book you enjoyed and I’d

like to discuss with you one or two more general questions related

to this. Let’s consider first of all why people decide to write a book.

What sort of reasons do you think people have for writing novels?

Candidate: Well, some people say that every one of us has a good

book inside us, but I think there are many various reasons why

people write. Perhaps they have a political message, but I think that

the main thing is that you just feel that you have a story to tell,

perhaps you can’t not write it.

Examiner: And some people have an ambition to write, don’t they?

Candidate: Exactly.

Examiner: What personal qualities do you think a writer needs to


Candidate: Well, I think the ability to be self-disciplined and to work

alone, to be able to understand people, to get into the minds and

hearts of other people.

Examiner: Do you think it’s something that many people could do?

Candidate: No, I don’t think so, otherwise we would all write that


Examiner: Could you ever write a novel?

Candidate: I’ve had a go, but it was a teenage experiment and it’s

been long gathering dust.

Examiner: Yes. What about newspapers? Do you think newspapers

are a good source of information?

Candidate: Providing you remain aware of the political inclinations

of any particular newspaper, yes, I think it’s a good way of learning

about the news, etc.

Examiner: Yes. What other information do we get from


Candidate: Well, sport, facts and things like that, weather, and its

good sort of editorial content, you know, gossip.

Examiner: Which type of newspaper do you think is best?

Candidate: I think certainly in England the broadsheet newspapers

are better than the tabloid. I think you have to be aware again, that

they may have their own agenda but I think a paper that’s not

committed to any particular political cause.

Examiner: Right. You need a lot of time to read the newspaper,

don’t you? How often do you read a newspaper?

Candidate: I try to read the paper every day. I don’t always read

the paper during the week but the paper I love to buy is on a

Sunday, because so much comes with it, a great culture section, you

can read about the arts and catch up on all the things that have

been going on during the week, the news review section, the sport

section, money section. I really enjoy the editorial on a Sunday.

Examiner: Do you think newspapers should contain illustrations? A

lot of papers have cartoons in them and photographs, is that


Candidate: Yes, I think so. I think certainly they can be a sort of a

powerful way to convey a story, to draw your attention to

something, photographs possibly more than illustrations, although I

do really enjoy cartoons.

Examiner: Right. Thank you very much, that’s the end of the

Speaking test.

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  • سه شنبه 30 شهریور 1389

    General Training Writing Sample

    Writing Task 1

    You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

    You rent a house through an agency. The heating system has stopped working. You phoned the agency a week ago but it has still not been repaired.

    Write a letter to the agency. In your letter

    introduce yourself

    explain the situation

    say what action you would like the agency to take

    Write at least 150 words.

    You do NOT need to write any addresses.

    Begin your letter as follows:


    Writing Task 2

    You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

    Write about the following topic:

    Some businesses now say that no one can smoke cigarettes in any of their offices. Some governments have banned smoking in all public places. This is a good idea but it takes away some

    of our freedom.

    Do you agree or disagree?

    Write at least 250 words.

    Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

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  • شنبه 27 شهریور 1389

    یادگیری مکالمه انگلیسی و کلیه زبان های زنده جهان فقط در یک ماه

    مکالمه انگلیسی در یک هقته 

    روش اعجاب انگیز آموزش زبان انگلیسی

    در خواب زبان بیاموزید

    ما تافل و آیلتز شما را تضمین می کنیم

    انگلیسی به روش ما

    انگلیسی با روش استثنایی دكتر ...

    انگلیسی با اساتید آمریکایی و ...

    انگلیسی به روش مهندس ...

    انگلیسی تضمینی و ....

    امروزه همه عجله دارند . همه می خواهند یک شبه لاغر شوند یا یک روزه وزن اضافه کنند . برخی انتظار دارند یا این انتظار به آنها تلقین میشود که می توانند بیماری های صعب العلاج روحی وجسمی طولانی مدت خود را با اندکی دارو و در کمترین زمان درمان نمایند . متاسفانه این اوضاع و احوال گریبانگیر زبان انگلیسی نیز شده است .

    این تبلیغات فراوان روزنامه ها مجلات و سایت های اینترنتی که ادعا می کنند زبان انگلیسی شما را در مدت کوتاهی به حد ایده آل می رسانند خیلی ها را که با ماهیت زبان و زبان آموزی بیگانه اند فریب می دهد و گاه دچار افسردگی و دلسردی می کند .

    عده ای دائما بوق و کرنا می کنند که اگر تا کنون چنین بوده است یا چنان ما چنین می کنیم و .............ادامه ماجرا

    و بعد تا بخود می آیید می بینید مبلغ کلانی از شما گرفته اند( البته با شگرد های خاص خود ) و بازهم نگرانی و یاس و ... 

    جیب خود را با حماقت دیگران پر کن ( ضرب المثلی معروف)

    شاید شما هم از خواندن این جملات ناراحت شوید .اما متاسفانه کشور ما با طغیان عده ای سود جو و بقول خودشان متخصص و کاربلد زبان روبرو شده است و فقط جیب عده ای دائما در حال پر شدن و عده ای در حال خالی شدن است ! 

    زبا ن آموزی فرایندی است بلند مدت که یک باره رخ نمی دهد و نیاز به برنامه مدون و منظم دارد . باید در کشور های غیر انگلیسی برای آن محیط ایجاد کرد . محیطی که دائما در آن بتوان انگلیسی شنید حرف زد و در کل تمرین کرد . باید انگیزه فراوان داشت یا ایجاد کرد . تمهیدات فراوان ( وقت و انرژی و انگیزه کافی ) می خواهد . نیاز به برنامه ریزی بلند مدت دارد که البته به اهداف  زبان آموزی نیز بستگی دارد . ایا می خواهیم برای آزمون تافل یا آیلتز آماده شویم یا برای کنکور سراسری و یا کارشناسی ارشد . می خواهیم زبان تخصصی رشته خود را بیاموزیم . همه این اهداف فرق دارد و روشهای نیل با آنها نیز طبیعتا تفاوت دارد . اگر می خواهیم مكالمه بیاموزیم با چه هدفی . امكانات و زمانی كه قرار است برای یادگیری آن اختصاص دهیم چقدر است . سابقه زبانی ما چگونه بوده است ؟ آیا برای یادگیری وقت و علاقه کافی داریم یا فقط یک حوس زودگذر است ؟ تحصیلات ما در چه حدودی است ؟ توانایی زبانی هر فردی هم با دیگری تفاوت دارد . پیشینه های زبانی افراد هم یکی نیست و ...

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  • یکشنبه 7 شهریور 1389

    1. Food that has a lot of ---------- in it , can make you fat.

         1. vitamins             2. calories          3. fuels                 4. bones

    2. My little sister is a very -------- girl.She is always running around.

         1. lazy                    2. honest                 3. active          4. fat


    3. This box is too heavy.You can't ---------- it.

         1. lift                      2. leave            3. learn       4. listen to

    4. If your heart does not ------ blood around your body, you will die.

         1. pull                     2. push          3. turn            4. pump


    5. We believe that God has ---------- all the world.

         1. created         2. stayed in    3. mentioned   4. invented

    6. To have a regular ---------- is very good for your health.

         1. experience           2. pressure      3. present  4. exercise


    7. Mrs Amiri is very ---------- secretary.She works very well.

         1. silent                   2. sufficient    3. efficient  4. busy

    8. Smoking is an important reason for ---------- cancer.

         1. chest                    2. lung           3. mouth       4. blood


    9. What kind of ----- do you use for your personal car, gas or petrol?

          1. weight                  2. fuel            3. food       4. shape

    10. We will have less air pollution if people use ------ instead of cars.

          1. bikes                     2. trains       3. airplanes   4. motors


    11. Children and young boys usually ------- their parents for money.

          1. pick up                  2. listen to   3. burn up    4. rely on

    12. The air was so smoky that it was difficult to ----------.

          1. breathe                  2. bring             3. brush    4. bother


    13. To give ---------- once a month is useful for your health.

           1. blood                     2. vessel      3. mind            4. heart


    14. Children usually have a flexible body.They can ----- their toes easily.

            1. prepare                 2. touch           3. teach      4. bring


    15. ---------- your answers with answers on the whiteboard.

            1. Give                      2. Take        3. Show     4. compare


    16. It is better to ---------- your knees when you lift heave things.

            1. fix                 2. bend            3. break      4. pick


    17. The bus driver died in the accident and some passengers were ---------.

             1. armed         2. broken        3. injured      4. created


    18. During the aerobic exercise, the blood moves easily through the blood ----------.

           1. vessels         2. cells          3. skins           4. lungs


    19. Our body uses some of the ---------- in the food as fuel.

               1. cells         2. partners         3. nutrients     4. vessels

     20. Every human needs enough calories for his body's different ---- 

        1. functions         2. teeth     3. chemicals    4. supporters

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  • یکشنبه 7 شهریور 1389


    1. Good eye contact helps your audience ----- more relaxed.

         1. feel              2. feeling            3. feels                   4. felt

    2. The teacher made all the students ----- a lecture during the term.

          1. to give         2. gives               3. give                    4. giving


    3. By ----- number 110 , the police help you.

           1. call             2. calling            3. to call                 4. calls

    4. My brother didn't ----- me to do my homework.

         1. let               2. make              3. enjoy             4. help


    5. The bed was so ----- that I didn't like to get up.

           1. wonderful   2. reliable          3. probable            4. comfortable

    6. I was too tired.That is why I stopped to -----.

           1. amuse          2. shout             3. relax                   4. say


    7. How did Mary ----- when she heard about the accident?

           1. force             2. react              3. mention             4. affect

    8. Face to face words can have a stronger ----- than the message.

           1. effect            2. gesture           3. respect              4. future


    9. She can't ----- on her lessons with all that noise.

           1. control          2. concentrate   3. understand       4. disturb

    10. Most of the young people have a ----- opinion about future.

           1. positive         2. lazy                3. facial                 4. comfortable


    11. Don't ----- against the chair while you are talking to your teacher.

           1. leave              2. stay                3. lean                   4. cycle

    12. The ----- on Mary's face showed that she was very excited.

           1. reaction          2. decision         3. attention           4. expression


    13. Mrs Ahmadi is quite ----- because she has lost her job.

           1. facial               2. nervous         3. positive              4. negative

    14. Having eye ----- with the audience makes your speech more effective.

           1. contact           2. confidence     3. capacity             4. communication


    15. The doctor asked Reza to breathe deeply so that he could ------ his lungs.

           1. affect              2. accept             3. choose                4. check

    16. Nowadays ----- with each other is easier and faster than the past.

        1. observation    2. concentration  3. communication 4. presentation


    17. Mr Moosavi seemed very angry and spoke in an impolite -----.

            1. tap                  2. term                 3. tool                       4. tone

    18. Take a short look at yourself in the ----- before leaving the house.

            1. movement      2. mine                 3. mirror                  4. mood


    19. Most of the people have a fear to speak in -----.

            1. state                2. stance               3. posture               4. public


    20. People always ----- Mr Brown because he's a very honest person.

             1. disturb           2. respect              3. involve                4. raise

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  • یکشنبه 7 شهریور 1389

    1. Because of the snowfall, the climbers were making slow ------ up the mountain.

         1. height                      2. plan               3. result                  4. progress


    2. Although trains are not the fastest means of --------, they are the safest.

         1. protection                2. production    3. transportation      4. education


    3. Mary hasn’t changed at all.She looks ---------- the same.

         1. hardly                      2. exactly          3. carefully              4. slowly


    4. He ---------- and put his hand into the lion’s mouth.

         1. risked                      2. replaced        3. ignored                4. got


    5. Some students are always ---------- about their test marks.

         1. polluted                   2. concerned     3. produced             4. saved


    6. The fight against AIDS requires a ---------- strategy.

    1. material                 2. global                3. facial                      4. friendly      


    7. After the vaccination, Mary got the disease but in ---------- form.

         1. mild                        2. deep               3. heavy                   4. active


    8. The ozone ---------- protects living things from the harmful radiation of the sun.

         1. climate                   2. environment  3. layer                     4. length


    9. Hard work brings with it no ---- of success; we also need to have effective


         1. actions                    2. guarantees     3. processes          4. researches


    10. Smoking can be ---------- even for the health of non-smokers.

         1. boring                     2. disappointing  3. shocking           4. damaging


    11. When you ---------- glass, paper or metal, you save materials, energy and money.

    1. damage               2. design          3. recycle             4. destroy                           


    12. If the greenhouse effect -----, it can make the Earth warmer than usual.

         1. damages                2. enhances      3. stores                   4. releases


    13. The scientists researching the -- of climate change are making progress.

         1. causes                    2. fuels              3. examples             4. layers


    14. Even a little extra warming may cause problems for the ---------- in which we live.

         1. space                      2. ocean            3. climate                 4. environment


    15. Nowadays solar energy can be used to ---------- buildings and water.

         1. save                       2. produce          3. burn                     4. heat


    16. In autumn the ------ changes repeatedly from a high of 30 to a low of 10

           degrees above zero.

         1. weather                  2. temperature  3. climate                  4. heat


    17. People living in Japan don’t have enough -------, so they make their buildings high.

         1. material                 2. cost                 3. land                      4. field


     18. Cars ---------- pollution to the air should be stopped.

         1. causing                   2. cause           3. who cause           4. are causing


    19. The photos ---------- of the match were all black and white.

         1. to take                    2. taken           3. taking                  4. were taken


    20. The man ---------- next to Nancy never said a word.

         1. was sitting              2. sat               3. sitting                  4. who sitting


    21. Which sentence is grammatically wrong?

         1. The car taking us to the airport broke down.

         2. Life must be very pleasant for people living in the countryside.

         3. The police never found the money stolen in the robbery.

         4. A new factory employed 100 workers has started in this area.



             There is a place on the earth where hot water and steam come up from under the ground.The people who live in these places make use of the heat that comes from inside the earth.Some of them cook in the hot pools.They put food into a basket and place it in the water.Washing is done in much the same way.For most of us the heat under our feet is so far away that we can't use it.We must make our heat by burning coal, oil or gas.The people who get heat from inside the earth are lucky.It takes a lot of money to pay for the coal, oil or gas.


    22. The underlined word “it” in line 5 refers to ----------.

         1. heat                  2. sun                      3. foot                       4. earth


    23. Those people who live near the hot pools can cook their food ----------.

         1. by putting it in a basket under the ground

         2. inside the hot earth

         3. in the hot water

         4. by burning coal, oil or gas.


    24. It is impossible for most of us to use the heat under the ground because ----------.

         1. there is not heat inside the earth

         2. it is too far away to use

         3. it is too hot inside the earth

         4. many people do not live near the earth


    25. People who get heat from inside the earth are lucky because ---------.

         1. they don’t pay for the food which they cook

         2. they use the heat of the coal, oil or gas they get

         3. they don’t pay for the coal, oil or gas they get

         4. they don’t need to buy any food

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  • یکشنبه 7 شهریور 1389

    نكات گرامری درس 7 زبان پیش دانشگاهی

    نكات گرامری درس 7 زبان پیش دانشگاهی

    although & though


    در اغلب موارد تفاوتی بین این دو كلمه وجود ندارد و میتوان به طور یكسان از آنها استفاده كرد.


    Although ( = though ) she smokes 40 cigarettes a day, she is quite fit.                                                                                                  ( اگر چه روزی 40 سیگار میكشد، كاملا سالم است. )


    I’d quite like to go out, (al)though it is a bit late.

    ( اگرچه راه كمی دور است، علاقه زیادی به بیرون رفتن دارم. )


    (Al)though the traffic was bad, I arrived on time.

    ( گرچه رفت و آمد زیاد بود، به موقع رسیدم. )


    I didn't get the job (al)though I had all the necessary qualifications.

    ( اگر چه همه شرایط لازم را داشتم، شغل را بدست نیاوردم. )


    برای تاكید میتوان قبل از ( though ) از ( even ) استفاده كرد. ( even although ) نادرست است.


    Even though I didn't understand the word, I kept smiling.

    ( اگر چه یك كلمه نفهمیدم، به لبخند ادامه دادم. )


    I couldn't sleep even though I was really tired.

    ( اگر چه واقعا خسته بودم نتوانستم بخوابم. )


    از ( though ) ( نه although ) میتوان در پایان جمله استفاده كرد كه در این صورت به معنی ( however ) میباشد.


    It was a quiet party. I had a good time, though.

    ( مهمانی آرامی بود اما لذت بردم. )


    I see him every day.I've never spoken to him though.

    ( او را هر روز میبینم ولی هرگز با او صحبت نكرده ام. )


    برای وصل كردن دو جمله به یكدیگر، یك كلمه ربط كافی است.هر دو جمله زیر صحیح و هم معنی هستند.


    Although she was tired, she went to work.= She was tired but she went to work.


    جمله زیر نادرست است:

    Although she was tired but she went to work.

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  • یکشنبه 7 شهریور 1389

    A: Write a word for each definition.The first two letters of the words are given. (3 ps )


    + Able to change without breaking.             ( fl               )                    

    + Ability to laugh or make people laugh.         ( hu              )

    + Change old materials to use them again.       ( re               )

    + A talk that gives information on a special subject. ( pr               )

    + General weather of a place over a period of time. ( cl               )

    + Say what the weather will be like.             ( pr               )


    B: Fill in the blanks with one of the words from the list below.There is one extra word. (5 ps )


    ( occur – cause – common – shake – record – destructive – light – death – planet –     place – experience )

           Earthquakes happen everyday.Though millions of people may never ---------- an earthquake.It is a very --------- happening on this ---------.So today, somewhere, an earthquake will -----.

    It may be so --------- that only special instruments can --------- its movement.It may -------

    houses, rattle windows and change the --------- of small things.It may be strong enough to -----

    damage, injury and ----------.


    C: Choose a pair of words having a similar relationship as the pairs in each item. ( 2 ps )


    * rely : depend

    a. fear: death         b. reduce: decrease        c. save: lose           d. pattern: region


    * lazy : hard-working

    a. nervous: calm       b. concerned: worried       c. soft: mild            d. perfect: excellent


    * particularly: especially

    a. exactly: probably      b. entirely: completely      c. mainly: firmly         d. smoothly: suddenly


    * raise: lower

    a. right: suitable         b. sure: certain          c. common: usual        d. safe: dangerous


    D: Use so, such(a / an ), too, enough in the following sentences. ( 2 ps )


    @. There were ---------- interesting books that I read them twice.

    @. The house was ---------- small for us to live in, so we moved to a bigger one.

    @. The teacher spoke ---------- quickly that the students couldn't understand him.

    @. Today I don't have ---------- time to help you with your chemistry.Leave it for tomorrow.


                                                     E: Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the verbs given in the parentheses. ( 3 ps )         


    #. Asking questions can make the audience ---------- on your speech.      ( concentrate )

    #. Why didn't your parents allow you ---------- their car?                ( allow )

    #. The teacher helped his students ---------- their lectures as soon as possible. ( prepare )

    #. You can control your nervousness by ---------- deeply.                  ( breathe )

    #. In some countries people ---------- trash are punished.                  ( produce )

    #. The answers ---------- to my questions are wrong.                     ( give )


    F: Choose  the best answer. ( 9 ps )


    &. There will be a meeting on the ----- of a new kind of airplane very soon.

       a. invention              b. permission           c. projection           d. extinction

    &. Fishes and plants that live in water may die if the water is very dirty or -----.

       a. frightened              b. distracted            c. concerned          d. polluted

    &. I'd just like to ----- how important it is for people to learn foreign languages.

       a. emphasize             b. organize             c. summarize          d. industrialize

    &. What are the ----- of hot weather on our environment?

       a. efforts                b. effects               c. details             d. goals

    &. The office is going to ----- working hours from 25 to 30 per week.

       a. estimate               b. increase             c. evaluate            d. research

    &. Unfortunately there is little real ----- between Ted and his daughter.

       a. comparison             b. culture              c. transfer            d. communication

    &. When we exercise our body can release endorphins."Release" means ----- free.

       a. raise                  b. keep               c. set                 d. lie

    &. If Iranians ate less food with sugar and fat, their ----- health would be better.

       a. general                 b. material            c. emotional             d. official

    &. Some of the climate scientists think that there is another ----- for the change in temperature.

       a. region                  b. reason             c. joint                 d. pause

    &. Heat trapped in the atmosphere causes the earth to get warmer."Trap" means -----.

       a. keep                   b. stick               c. control               d. create

    &. I could hear him ----- his fingers on the desk.

       a. leaning                  b. crossing            c. lowering              d. tapping

    &. Vitamins help our body work more ----- to keep us healthy.

       a. commonly                b. normally            c. carefully              d. efficiently

    &. Many kinds of plants and animals are in danger of ----- nowadays.

       a. projection                 b. situation           c. definition              d. extinction

    &. Could you stop talking about it please?You are ----- me from my work.

       a. bothering                 b. instructing          c. supporting           d. distracting

    &. Test the ----- of the water to make sure it's not too hot.

       a. posture                  b. gesture            c. temperature         d. atmosphere

    &. Many students do not like having to ----- their parents for money.

       a. burn up                  b. rely on           c. pick up             d. agree with

    &. The building was badly ----- in the fire and had to be built again.

       a. injured                   b. included          c. balanced               d. damaged

    &. If you ----- him with other children of his age, he's not very tall.

       a. contact                   b. compare          c. involve                d. prepare




    G: Read the text carefully and choose the best answer. ( 2 ps )


         Mr. and Mrs. Mills had two small children.One of them was six, and the other was four.They disliked going to bed early in the evenings and insisted on staying up late.Mrs. Mills was unhappy about this. Mr. Mills came home from work when Mrs. Mills had forced the children to sleep and she was actually tired of this.Mr. Mills was not at home to help her wife except at weekends.

         Mr. Mills thought he was a good storyteller but the way he told stories was really uncomfortable.

    However, he decided that if he told children stories when they went to bed, it would help them relax and little by little they would go to sleep.

         He did this every Saturday and Sunday night until he heard his small son saying to his small sister,"Do you think he will stop telling the story if we close our eyes?"


    $. Mrs. Mills was not happy because her children didn't like ----------.

      a. listening to her stories  b. going to bed early    c. sleeping late at night    d. sleeping up late


    $. Mr. Mills could not help his wife with the children because he ----------.

      a. went to bed earlier than the children            b. came home late from work

      c. was tired of his children                     d. didn't know what to do


    $. The word "this" in line 8 refers to ----------.

       a. coming home early        b. going to bed       c. helping them relax    d. telling stories


    $. The children thought of closing their eyes ----------.

       a. to be able to go to sleep faster             b. to help themselves relax and sleep earlier

       c. not to have to listen to the rest of his story    d. not to have him stop telling stories.


    H: Fill in the blanks with the best choice. ( 4 ps )


         Global warming is the average increase in the Earth's temperature.It ----------- changes in climate.A ----- Earth may have ----- such as changes in rainfall patterns, a ----- in sea levels, and different ----- on plants, wildlife, and humans.When ------ talk about climate change, they are

    ----- about global warming caused by human -------.They believe that we know enough about the problem to take some actions.


    %. A. damages           b. assumes           c. destroys            d. causes

    %. A. milder             b. softer              c. warmer            d. thicker

    %. A. results             b. layers             c. faults              d. crusts

    %. A. rattle              b. rise               c. rank              d. raise

    %. A. effects             b. gestures            c. humors            d. contents

    %. A. psychologists        b. physicians           c. scientists           d. electricians

    %. A. Fashionable         b. scientific            c. excellent           d. concerned

    %. A. statements          b. activities            c. qualities           d. supports


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